Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Calling!

So I got my Young Womenhood Recognition award in church today. I also was called to be the young women's camp director. I'm really nervous! Could you girls tell me any cool things you remember from a girls camp- for those of you in young women's anyways :)


  1. That sounds so fun!!! i dont know if any of these will help but they're ideas so... teach them funny (and short) songs and dances, ghost stories, tie dye tee shirts. Also there is this tablecloth that our leaders have brought for the last couple of years and on the last day have one of the girls draw a picture on it of what the theme was and then let all the girls sign it!

  2. yeah, that was fun. this is Zella, btw. i don't feel like changing my profile from the one I usually post on so...