Tuesday, February 10, 2009

creepy geisha feet.

okay so in china or japan (whichever has geishas') they think that small feet are more attractive so from when they are a young toddler they start binding their feet. Each day they make it tighter, and tighter until as you can see the toe folds under and it is about 1/3 the normal size. sad. =( plus their shoe is the size of a cigarett box.


  1. First of all, Geisha's do NOT use the art of foot-binding. It's a old ancient chinese art for upper class women since it was considered to be beutiful to have small feet in China a long time ago. And second, long ago they didn't even have a choice cuz women who did not shrink their feet was either considered ugly or even got punished or even had to go through capital punishment. Thou' that depends on who was ruling at the time. And it was the mothers of the children who did this to them, so they really had no choice.