Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Blair Kids host movie stars--and write about their experiences

So hey, you know how I have a huge crush on Miley Cyrus? Well, turns out she was in New York today and we got to hang out. I showed her some of my legos and she was waaaayyyy impressed. Maude also taught her some yoga moves, but Maude was more flexible.

Hi--Olive now. Ralph forgot to mention that Nick Jonas was with Miley. He is so cool, except that he had bad breath. We showed him how to do brush-floss-brush-mouthwash, and then it wasn't so bad. Stay away from the garlic and onions Nick!

Now it's Maude writing. I just have to say, it was a little disappointing to find out I was cooler than Miley and Nick. I am way better at gymnastics. And my feet are smaller. Oh. Also. Thank you Joe Jonas for changing Betty's poopy diaper!

Ralph again: My favorite part? Playing High School Musical on the wii. Everyone loved my dance moves. And Oscar's too.

Let's do it again next APRIL FOOLS everyone!!!!


  1. Okay everyone. This is NOT true. Mom and dad's trick. Happy April Fool's day

  2. wow! i totally fell for that. i was sitting there reading it with my mouth all huge and stuff. that was a good one!