Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy July 4th day !

We went to a lake on fourth of July and then did a TON OF fireworks. seriously. So first, Ruth tell me the movies. second. awesome video of old people driving.3rd, did you get lucky charms?, hp6 midnight showing? make Ikkegal get a TWITTER, make Ruth twitter more! I also have pranks planned.

heres a rap for cousins week:

Yo my homies lets eat some popsicles dudes awesome yo man yo dudes sweet cool. lucky charms awesome dudes dudets yo .

here are the creepy stories I'm planning to tell:

1. The Babysitter story for ages 8 and up

2. The Cat story for all ages.

3. the abomidable snowman wersion 1 and 2. 1 is for all ages. 2 is for 10 and up.

4. the bloody mary stories all for all ages except if Olive doesn't want to hear them.

5. The Werewolf all ages.

6. the disguise for ages 8 and up.]

7.the artist. all ages

(some I'll just make up at the moment but for now, thats what you will hear.)

I also have funny stories which all of them I'll make up at the moment.some of the things I'm also planning to do: the harry potter death quiz. and stuff like that.


  1. ooooh! love it!!!!!!!!!!!!! but trust me, my pranks are better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!