Tuesday, September 8, 2009

a story in the near future

Calder Winkle was living in the year 2023. Age 12. he had pretty much a normal life. He Enjoyed looking at pictures of his parents who were born in the late 80's. He lived in Washington D. C. right by where the Lincoln memorial used to be until terrorists destroyed it in 2018. His parent always told him that they used to have iPods.
He looked them up often. They were way back when apple was only a company for about 9 years. Now apple was much different. The corporation was so big that it was one of the first things newborns learned about. Calder's family was pretty healthy. His dad was a senator from Connecticut who graduated from Harvard Law school in 2010. His Mom was a mom. She graduated in 2011. She majored in interior design. There house was really cool.
One day, Calder found a cupboard he had never seen before. He opened it. There was a slide with the intials AW. Those were the initials of his mom amanda Winkle. Was there a secret about his parents he hadn't known? Outside, Calder heard a huge BOOM! It sounded like an explosion. He rushed upstairs. His mom quickly grabbed him. He, his mom, his dad, and his 2 older sisters and brother were all there. Outside was a huge fire. The whole town was out. Soon a cloud of about 15 huge helicopters came. Sirens screaching from fire trucks and police cars. Here in 2023 was the most effective remarkable surprise in Terrorist attacks the world had ever seen befroe. here began World war 3. And then... Se the next part coming up soon!

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  1. Did you make that up? it's pretty intense. was the mom like a C.I.A. agent or something?