Thursday, November 26, 2009


So just because i knew you guys would hate me for it... i am dedicating a whole post to TAYLOR LAUTNER, and New Moon!!! Last weekend I went to see new moon with 9 other people. it was really good. And taylor lautner had awesome muscles. s:) it was great. some parts wer funny like this one that they went to a movie and it was like, "Drop your gun or I'll blow your frikin head off." "No you drop your gun or I'll blow your frikin head off." "all of you dropp your guns or I'll blow all your fikin heads off!" and then a guy threw up. The end! now do you loveth me???


  1. Oh yeah ralph!!!! you know me well!

  2. Ralph I can just imagine your laugh as you write this and that made me start laughing becasue your laugh is contagious so i pretty much just had a laugh attack at your imaginary laugh. Weird huh!