Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ok now its go time!

First order of buisness... Who else is psyched out of their pants to see Percy Jackson??? I know i am!!!! =D

Secondly...STOP CHANGING THE BLOG!!!!! I really dont care who it is just find one that is good and LEAVE IT ALONE please! I am getting migranes!!! JK only old people get those and I'm not there yet mwahaha! JEALOUS I SEE????

Third ... MIMI that is awesome!!! I just got back from tumbling and I SUCK! So i am so happy for you.

Fourth of all...WHO HAS A VALENTINE???? Somebody special??? Cuz i don't. meh.
SO to top things off... I wrote a rap. Not as good as Ralphie, but i will try my best.

Ya know the Urquharts are fli, And that's not a lie
The blairs are cool but they always deny,
The Stanleys are bombin' straight outta the sky
And you know we're awesome, we don't have to try
But Ruth! She is just too FANTASTIC!

The last line doesn't rhyme but its the straight up TRUTH! so how was it???


  1. there is something very wrong about that poem. You really need to fix up your mix up with ruth. it's supposed to be Maude. Duh. This is 1 of the things you should really understand well.

  2. I hated percy jackson it totally ruined the book!!!!!!!