Monday, March 22, 2010

Mama K's Play Clay

Everyone, I typed an M in the title box, and immediately Mama K's Play Clay popped up. So I'm gonna do a post of Mama's OK clay play.

Hello I'm Mama
I am OK
Today you're gonna watch
(round of applause please!)

-- clay walks over--
--mama eats chicken soup with rice (dressed as the paperback princess)--
--clay asks if he can have some--
--mama says yes--
--clay eats and says thank you--
--5 years later--
--mama and clay on a red rug--
-- sticking hands into almost solid cement--
--hands stuck in cement--
--bulldozer smashes the cement, with mama and clay's hands in it--
--mama and clay live with no hands forever.--
--poor mama.--
--poor clay.--

THE END!!!!!!

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