Friday, August 27, 2010


Okay, so I don't know about Denver, but school just started down here. Because of that, there is a million things to post about. It's pathetic that the last post was on July 31. Come on! Who's your fav teacher? (Mrs. Chappell for me) Least favorite? (dunno) What's with that one that smells like onions? (No one will ever know) Who's your best friend(s)? (Abi, Sarah, Brinley, and Morgan. Oh, and of course Lucy) What's the class wierdo's name? (Roxcy Stanley) And who cares what x=? (not me) My school is called Lava Ridge and it's way better than Tonaquint. (Huh, Ruth and Ike?) Someone post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm bored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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