Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So I just clicked.. 'edit posts' and there are like 15 drafts in that dang thing. It would make me very happy if we started clicking publish post instead of save now. Soooo here are some things that I expect to be posted soon. Dearest Blairs.......... YOU MOVED TO FRANCE! what in the world is it like? Do they dress different, what do you eat, what's your School schedual? I know its just your life to you guys but I am seriously dying of curiosity. I heard your house is like 200 years old!! Gosh dang. And ya Stanleys aren't getting off the hook either. Roxcy where in the world did our Irish river dance go? Jonah I know how much you like to talk nonsense! Get on here and duting ityu! Thank you.
And in the meantime... Lets all remember......... Name your favorite memory of us together. Mine was when I went to South Glen with my Posse and we were at the SG where we were, and while we were at South Glen we saw not Terminator, not Destroyer, but Secratariat! It was great. And then This kid in my SG posse went into a skateboard shop and knocked over a skateborad so we ran out and skipped home while rapping! Then this boy was all like, "Hey you kids, I'm gonna cause you greif and stuff." So he stabbed me 2 times in the arm. At South Glen. Where we were. THE END!

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