Monday, December 24, 2012

Great cousins week

This is Betty. I've been to london, I've been to France, I've been all over this place, And i know how to dance. (ballet). *<(: D} santa :) 

And now i'm gona say a poem in french:

Le Vieux Bonhomme
Il ne ressemble a personne
Oh oui, c'est un vieux bonhomme!!
Il traverse la nuit a mille pas 
sans bruit
pourtant tu plein les bras tent du cadeau 
Il ne ressemble a personne 
et il revient, le vieux bonhomme. 
Il cours de toi en toi 
dans la neige et le froide 
il ne se trompe jamais 
chaque enfant il connais 
tok tok tok,
le voila

Marie Litras

(=* *)
(,,)(,,)  Bunny

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  1. Betty says that in the photo above, Lucy looks pretty <3
    Ike looks weird, Jonah is trying to make out with Parley, Ralph is saying I'm the cool one, Ruth looks fantastic, Maude is dressed up pretty but she looks a bit weird, Roxcy looks cute, <3