Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cousins week ideas

Okay guys, so I think we should don't think we should do the same somebody picks a movie evry night. I think we should have like movie marathons every night. I also think we should time cousins week to be the week Toy Story 3 comes out. We should go to a pool or some water thing every day. (oh, urquarts and stanleys- keep your freezers stalked with creamies. We should play nightgames like capture the flag but it's in the dark so it makes it funner and harder. We should also have sleepovers and trade off houses. We should have more scary story contests but you can't have them prepared, they have to be completely improvised.keep posting ideas guys

1 comment:

  1. k so you said go to a pool every day... WE HAVE ONE! IS IT NOT GOOD ENOUGH??? IT IS AS BIG AS OUR BASEMENT!!! DEAL WITH LIFE!!! I WILL POST PICS OF IT SOON!!! WHEN I TYPE IN CAPS I AM YELLING!!!! GAHHH!!! ok i'm good. good ideas ralphie. =D