Monday, January 11, 2010

Dear Ralph...

Dear Ralph,
Once there was a girl named Ruth. Her cousins were staying at there house that week and she had a fantabulous idea! So one morning she woke up all the girls and they put on masks and snuck into the boys room. They woke up each boy in turn, but covered their mouths so they wouldn't wake the others. They came to their last victim. He was just a boy, about 12 years of age with curly brown hair and braces without a wire on them. They slowly shook his shoulder and as he woke up, and saw the mask a look of terror crossed his face. He was looking straight into the eyes of Hillary Clinton. He screamed and ducked his head under the blankets. He heard the giggles of all the others and slowly peeked out to see his cousins laughing side splitting laughs. Then he understood and he started laughing along.
Some of his cousins remember that morning. Maybe it will happen again this year, but who really knows, Ralph, who really knows??? Maybe, just maybe this year, they will be wearing MULTI-COLORED SKINNY JEANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dun dun DUN!!!

That is the end of my letter.

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  1. Oh, and he didn't just duck under the covers, he fell out of bed!