Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I remembered!

So, I remembered the other part i was supposed to tell you. We are having a TaLeNt ShOw!!! Do you have talent? Lets hope so, cuz even if you don't, you have to perform. You can start planning what it is going to be right now, but it is on the last day of Cousins week so you will have the entire week to prepare it. Your talent can be silly, serious, breath-taking, funny... but there are some rules. It has to include at least 2 people and preferably cousins perform together, not siblings. Also, dear Ike/Jonah You aren't allowed to walk up to the front, bow, and sit back down. That is not a talent. The parents are coming to watch so it will be intense! Try your best and you will all do amazing, I know it!

Also, I know it seems like a rip off, but cousins week is only going to be 5-6 days. THAT COUNTS AS A WEEK! But instead of dwelling on that the whole time, just enjoy it and it will be a blast! We have so many fun activities planned for you guys! I'm so excited and you better be too!

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  1. Ruth, I think you should pair us up with cousins, give each pair something to do such as-- a dance
    instrumental duet
    --you get the idea. Then give a half hour of planning each day, and then we will get to know our partner very well.