Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ruth's Vacation

Well If I could go on Vacation I would probably go to Japan!

Why, you ask? for many reasons, but mostly to become a pro synchronized diver of course!

For lunch, I would sit and have a nice meal of sushi. Mmmmm, raw fish and rice.

Then if a bully tried to beat me up, or steal my delicious lunch, I would just learn Kung-fu and be the new Karate Kid!

After that I would invent some serious new robot technology. It would blow their minds!

At the end of my day I would be so tired, I would just go relax in a swimming pool.

Or not.

I could just go to one of their gardens and speak to all my ancestors plus a dragon. Shweet!

Ok my vacation beats all!!!

And so much for my strike, right?

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